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Sage Gordon-Davis

Poetry & Contemporary Fiction


Sage Gordon-Davis is a poet, a writer, a doodler, and a dabbler. They live in a tumble-down cottage in the Eastern Free State of South Africa, which they share with their husband, Mr Sage, and two extremely beautiful rescue dogs, Darwin and Faraday. Their life is punctuated by the occasional appearance of sundry farm animals.

Sage Gordon-Davis: About Me

Books by Sage Gordon-Davis

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Silk Flower Goodbye

Poems of Life, Love, and Loss

Published: October 2, 2019

Silk Flower Goodbye is an exploration of the mixed emotions felt in the wake of bereavement. Delving into the heartache, the uncertainty, and the anger of the situation, the poet seeks catharsis on the page. They hope for resolution and a sense of peace in the examination of the mundane, and paint a familiar picture in hues of love and longing.

Written in memory of loved ones lost between 2015 and 2019, this collection of poetry explores themes of love, life, and loss.


The Heart Whispers

Poems of Love and Longing

Published: November 1, 2020

Poems of love and longing fill the pages of this second book of poetry from Sage Gordon-Davis. The search for love in all its forms from physical attraction to self love is the theme of this book. 

love matters
it is all that matters
it’s the only thing worth fighting for
worth dying for
everything else is


friends are love
family is love

are love

and love is all that matters

Let this collection of poems fill you with joy as you explore the many forms that love can take.

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